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CaseIH 5230


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Cousin of mine wants to sell me his 5230 powershift with cab. He states the only thing wrong with it is the hydraulics get hot and sometimes he has to allow it to cool down. He states it's a worn hydraulic pump. I'm wondering if the powershift trans is worn. Any idea's?

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Get a hydraulic flow meter in rear remotes, oil to operating temp (120*+) record max flow, record max pressure, then set flow meter to known rate say 10GPM. Now one at a time go thru your regulated circuit, recording flow readings for each circuit. Flow should drop and quickly recover to 10GPM. Any circuit that doesn't recover quickly or come back to 10GPM has a leak. The regulated circuit would be 4 powershifts, forward, reverse, pto on, pto off, diff lock, and mfd off. 

On your max flow and pressure readings IH hydraulics manual states a pump should be 85% efficient. So if max pressure is 2800 less 85% = 2380, max flow of 16 GPM less 85% = 13.6 GPM. So next test would be restricting flow tester to 2380 psi and see what your flow is, as stated it should be greater than 13.6 GPM. These readings should be at 2200 RPM's

5200 series should free flow right around 16 GPM with a known clean suction screen and hydraulic filter. Max flow should be recorded at 2200 RPM  

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2 hours ago, dale560 said:

Keep posting on these tractors. Even is experienced guys learn a lot from your posts and experiences. 

That's why the good mechanics are as good as they are, because they are still learning all the time

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