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IHC 3hp model M


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I'm going to look at an IHC model M engine soon. I am not familiar with this type of engine, what are the most important things, what should I definitely pay attention to. before I make an offer.
the engine is said to be loose, has compression, is complete and has a spark on the ignitor but does not run
please advice.

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one thing to pay attention to is the crank brgs and rod brgs. they are lubed with grease from grease cups. if this was neglected the brgs. will be loose.  move  the crank up and down. the piston is lubed with an oiler at  he top. they are a nice sounding unit when running. plus look at the governor disc for wear. plus check the gas tank most are all rusted out. flip engine over to see it.

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I'm not very knowledgeable on these engines, but C.H.Wendell's 150 Years of IH book has some serial numbers in it.  It says the 3 hp Type M engine had serials B45951 to B49812 in 1922. 

I don't why your engine doesn't show a letter in the serial as almost all the engines listed have some letter.  Perhaps the B was implied for the 3 hp M, but not stamped.

Hope this helps.

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engine bought seems to be in a very good condition, everything loose and in working order.
What now? I am completely unfamiliar with these engines.
to start how can i check if there is a spark?

I will order a manual, but does anyone know if there is a manual online so I can get started




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Sorry I’m just now seeing your post. I have a 1-1/2 “M” myself. Unfortunately all my manuals are packed away. Looks like a real nice engine. Congratulations 

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