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2 minutes ago, mrfred54 said:

Thanks bitty.  Went with reliance kit. All back together, and customer has it back.  Will keep his number for future use

I'm not sure what kits he currently has but when he ordered them he had to make a 250 hole (piston sleeve assembly) order or 43 kits to get them to make them again . He thought it was worth the investment to have this option for parts  

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On 12/10/2021 at 6:33 AM, mrfred54 said:

Nice find. 666 are a nice size tractor for all types of jobs. Happen to be overhauling one right now. Has a pin hole in a sleeve and crankcase filled with antifreeze. Doing a out of chassis rebuild. Owner is leaning towards reliance kit for $2100. Are these good rebuild kits, has anyone had experience with them. Also replacing injectors and injector sleeves,head redone, radiator getting sent out to get rodded out. Also rebuild the pto, this tractor lives on feed grinder. Tach shows 1348 hours. I don't believe water filter kits were available for the 300 series engine, does anyone know if they were or still are??

$2100 for a 312 kit from Reliance? Wow. I put one in a 312 3 or 4 years ago and the kit was 1600 I'm thinking. Guess it's price did what everything else did. 

I didn't have a problem with my kit at all and started great, but I think Reliance was the only option then.

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Geez what are you doing taking away its wide comfy sneakers and giving it pointy high heels to perch on...

Are those 70 lb weights???😍

Seriously, lookin good, (exc for the narrow front)!

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