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Fordson F “Project X”

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18 hours ago, jeeper61 said:

It's a Detroit if it ain't leaking it ain't running 


17 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

That only counts for oil leaks!!! 

If there aint oil under it

there ain't oil in it


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18 minutes ago, iowaboy1965 said:

Still waiting for pics of the Fiesty sailor lady doing burn outs with the Detroitson........🤔😃

Tank almost done. Put a deflector over the return line to keep splashing down. The return fuel volume is nuts. Also the fuel returns at coolant temperature so the tank gets darn warm! Pressure test went good. Putting the angle iron back bone in rn then cut for the full wing hoods. Also picked up material for throttle linkages.  







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4 minutes ago, AngrySailor said:

The return fuel volume is nuts.

I can attest to the amazing fuel volume that 53 Detroits move.  There was a 3/8” inline filter before the primary factory filter on the 4-53 powering my Galion crane.  Clear housing so the element was visible.  The 4-53 would pass so much fuel through a clean filter that the mesh would start to collapse, and as soon as any amount of rust was stopped in the element, it would start to suck flat and the engine would run poorly.  Had to eliminate the 3/8” filter and let the factory elements do the work.

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Battery box done, going to install this disconnect switch between the series jumper. It will act as a safety switch so kids don’t start it if they get in her at a show and also will isolate the batteries so I can charge one at a time with a standard 12v charger. 





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Batteries fit in nice, found a small leak on the fuel line, pump housing cracked damn it!  The only spare pump I have is opposite rotation so I swapped the covers, it will work but the 1/4” line is now the inlet instead of the 3/8” port. I opened up a

1/4” fitting as Much as I dared and it’s near same ID as the original 3/8” fitting so should be ok. We’ll see after I get battery cables made up...






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3 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

The only thing I see is you need to paint that filter cannister brown!!!

I will sand the paint off the next one so it rusts! 

working on the wheels today. Got one big patch in. 

I sent some pictures to my uncle who bought this tractor out of a field at least 25 years ago. He suggested that perhaps pops and I should switch to stamp collecting or something...





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Where's the fun in that, FIL passed away a few years ago and had a huge stamp collection, value dwindling due to lack of interest and mail changes

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Big patches in, I have a sacrificial rim to cut the lips off of, that be tomorrow’s job. It’s fishing season here and a friend just dropped off 8 crab all cooked up for me. These sea spiders were minding their own business in the ocean this morning now they’re going in my belly!





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Working on the wheels again today. Had this rim which was made quick and dirty from two really bad rim halves just so we could roll that tractor around. No odds to cut some rim lips off it. Here’s a couple pics of some of the other Fordson F’s kicking around. These are the rougher ones sitting outside, there’s a few more in the barn which are up for restoration soon. They’re in far better shape. Also got a little project on the bench... anyone guess what that’s going to be???









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1 hour ago, Dirt_Floor_Poor said:

You must about have the market cornered on  Fordson tractors up there. 

Yeah I think we do, we have 7 total rn a d another we have to go pick up... there’s only a couple others I know about on the island, one pops and I restored for a local museum, think there’s another runner but I don’t know the fella and another guy has some in real rough shape. The old fella that organizes the shows came running over to me a few years ago when I drove the ‘27 fairway into the show. He said he’s seen Fordson’s rotting in fields but never saw one run.  

throttle linkage and shut down rod all finished. One more fair sized patch to go in. We’re looking to be in hood shape for Sunday.  



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