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Fordson F “Project X”

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Installed. Pretty happy with the press fit, more than enough to drive the fan  had to relive the Fordson front cover to clear the diameter of the adapter  pretty much the only thing so far that permanently altered an original part although this from cover was damaged already so not too worried about it. Crank lines up and no, I don’t think crank starting will be an option!!!DEB38A33-BA20-4429-8955-3DCC80BE12F1.thumb.jpeg.9d3898ef137799245c91b763ccde0ae6.jpeg




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7 minutes ago, louie figone said:

Very nice work, I like it.

Thanks Louie! Not sure what to tackle next. Cooling plumbing/altering the water pump inlet or the clutch and throw out bearing. I’ll be using a Chevy 11” clutch and pressure plate and splicing the Chevy input shaft to the Fordson input shaft. Could be a disaster or hopefully not. Going to stub them together then weld as you would for 4140 as far as preheat and cooling unless anyone has a better suggestion. I think it will be fine, lack of traction and also people used to narrow Ford 9” axles for drag racing before aftermarket stuff was available. I can’t see being all that hard on it even if we put cleats on and pulled with it I bet traction would still be an issue. That or the bronze worm wheel... maybe we’ll find the weak link down the road!

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This is such a cool project.  The valve covers coming out the side really give the tractor a rat rodish feel.  I cant wait to see this project when it is done. 

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19 minutes ago, Rawleigh99 said:

Is that tig brazed?  I am going to order some wire and try MIG brazing myself

No, just oxy/acetylene. Never had the right filler to try TIG brazing... would probably make a neater job but hey, this is looking like it’s going to be a rat build so can’t get TOO fancy! For the patch plate I just flowed it with the TIG, no filler and peened it some, didn’t go for deep penetration and it probably would have been ok without any brass but there were some small stress cracks. Cast is a pain in the azz, I prefer cold repairs when at all possible. Repaired a 14” long crack in a 4hp IHC Famous with loc-n-stitch, man their stuff is worth every penny if you have an expensive/rare part to repair. Don’t even think of putting heat or weld to it or you’ll make hard zones and dink yourself for a future s titching repair! 

so far on this build I spent ~$25-30 on plumbing fittings today, everything else has been freebie/owe a friend a small favour so loc-n-stitch isn’t really in this builds budget!   Would definitely cut into the builds beverage fund! 




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Lower rad tank repair plate/adapter in the works. Really didn’t deserve the boring head treatment but my big drill press that takes larger MT drills is 3 phase and none at the new shop rn also didn’t feel like putting the ~200lb 4 jaw chuck in the lathe for one 1 3/8” hole... 


The Fordson front plate was rusted out/frozen so this will seal the bottom of the rad tank and I’m going to bring the pipe fittings out the busted casting and mate them up to the ones going into the water pump. 






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17 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

Is that tig brazed?  I am going to order some wire and try MIG brazing myself


16 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

No, just oxy/acetylene. Never had the right filler to try TIG brazing..

I've been using Sil-Bronze TIG rod for many years, you might want to try it sometime. Welds dissimilar, cast, copper, ect

Tell me what this Loc-n-Stich stuff is. I looked it up and still don't know. Epoxy? Lazar sintered?

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3 minutes ago, jeeper61 said:

You seem to have the right formula for this build very Impressive thinking 

Not sure if this is a optical illusion but it looks like a crack on the water inlet flange  


Thank you! Good eye but that’s just some

left over gasket material that needs to be scraped off. Not too worried about sealing the engine stuff up just yet as I’ll be pulling the heads from this engine and another parts engine. This engine has a rusty liner, going to touch up the best heads and hopefully have enough good pistons/liners to make this one a decent runner. If not there’s a truck shop not too far away that is digging’ this build and they have a pile of used parts which sound like they’ll be priced right if needed. 

no progress today. Had to replace the rear spring hangers on the daily driver, POS 2001 GMC. Runs great but the frame is ROTTEN... both hangers were gone and the axle was on the bump stops! Back on four feet again, hopefully get me through the winter...

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9 minutes ago, mmi said:

wait to see the progress every day

usually dont approve of these type of repairs ,most times they destroy 2-4 perfectly good originals and then toss 90% of the original parts, like a Foose up

Right on! Yeah I agree wrecking restoration candidates isn’t cool. So far other than the rough/busted axle support, the gas tank which needed major sheet metal repairs anyways and the input shaft (which are very common) there’s nothing that hasn’t been “bolt on”. I will be drilling and tapping two holes in the upper rad tank on the underside however if you ever wanted to restore that tank, simply plug the holes and grind off the plug, hit it with a needle scaler and you’d never know it ever happened. I have a feeling this will be this tractors final “configuration” for the rest of my days though, I have a 1927 “fairway” we’re going to restore original, another that’s getting mechanical restoration but had a great patina which will be left untouched, then there’s 4 more ranging from 1920-1926 I believe that are all good restoration candidates. Hopefully I can get to them. I also have a pile of parts as my late uncle bought out an old Ford dealership as a lot. There’s a ton of Fordson parts as well as other oddball stuff in there. Think I even have another few input shafts...


here’s the one fender for the fairway getting tin banged by a friend. 

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