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Hometown Christmas Parade

DC Snider

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My grandson and I participated in our hometown Christmas parade Friday night. Seems like I’ve been too busy the last few years to participate like I used to. But decided it was time for Hoss & I to get the ol’ M cleaned up and make the ride. As usual we were the only tractor, and a real crowd pleaser. We had a blast. Something neither of us will ever forget. 







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Probably my favorite picture is this one below. The lady standing halfway out in the street taking pictures is his Mimi. He’s crazy about his Mimi…



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6 minutes ago, Dasnake said:

Great looking time, what year is the farmall? Is it a worker or a toy, looks so clean, sorta like sledge's birthday pic.

It’s a late ‘51, built at the end of October, just before the ‘52 models came out. Mostly a toy but gets used some pulling a hayrake in the summertime.  Been 13 years or so since I fixed it up. It doesn’t get babied like it used to. 

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10 hours ago, TeachersPet1066 said:


This reminds me…Linesville has been marked on my calendar for months.  Hope weather is ok.

Thanks for sharing!

sad I was going to bring the heritage Farmall C to be in it . I don’t know why it was canceled ?



Linesville Tractor Parade

December 3, 2022 | 6 PM | Linesville, PA 16424

ATTENTION:  Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be holding our Lighted Tractor Parade 

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