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CIH 415 cultimulcher & IH 510 drill

Long Farms

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On 12/3/2021 at 8:38 AM, 766 Man said:

  As far as putting the culti-mulcher ahead of the drill in a tandem it has been done.  The concept was expanded upon when a company (Yetter or Unverferth) developed an integral implement that bolted to the drill or planter frame.  From that the no-till coulter arrangement was developed to attach to planters.  Anyways, it works great as long as the soil is dry enough and you are a very straight driver. 

  As far as nice shed kept drills they used to be around and some looked like they were new from the dealer even if they were decades old.  Still happens from time to time but far less common today sadly.  There is a very nice JD 216 forage wagon sitting over at the auction yard for the sale tomorrow that other than one shield looks like it came through a time portal from 1969.  If I had the money I would buy it for the sake of its condition.

Like this



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54 minutes ago, acem said:

@ArkLa 1086 I stand the tongue straight up in the air and set it on a 16ft utility trailer. Easy to haul..

Dale gets good old ih drills in every so often. 


Yeah I need to keep my eyes open more often up that way since he's really not that far from me. Don't see to many older drills near here and something like that with press wheels and dry fertilizer would be ideal for me.

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