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9150 Powershift Transmission


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Helping the Son Inlaw doing late fall tillage with this wonderful weather in this area we have been having .

Was going along in 7th gear when suddenly the powershift down shifted into 1st all on it own affair . The only gears there is is 1st Forward and 1st Reverse . No codes came up on the dash . It has the skip shift . Checked the fuses and found none blown . Shut off tractor and restsrted thinking it may reset something but to no avail .

Been quite awhile since I have worked on these and one tends to forget the finer points that makes these tick .

Any suggestions on where to go from here .

The trans pressure gauge on the cab post remains at 260 psi .


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I don't think we lost pressure on our 9170 but we had it diagnosed as we were missing something like 1,2,3 and 1 reverse and maybe 7,8,9? Ours ended up needing to be rebuilt.  We ended up putting in a reman from Big Tractor Parts 

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It shifted from 7th to 1st in one incident? Or did it shift from 7th to 6th to 5th...all the way down to 1st? 

If you look behind the shift up/down lever, you should see a gear icon...you should see a faint light inside the gear. Should be green. If its either red or red/ green the transmission controller itself has problems. 

With the key, engine off, you should be able to operate the transmission controls like you normally would with the engine running. When you first key on, the gear display should show A:0. Cycle the clutch pedal and the "A" should disappear. If you put the mode lever in forward, it should show "1" in the gear display, and you should be able to shift the shift lever and shift up/ down tbrough the gears normally. Now, eventually you will get an E-60 error code because there is no engine rpm, but at least we can determine if the controller is functioning properly. 

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