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serial number tractor.


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Hello there, maybe I can help.

I believe your tractor is a model 444, built at the Doncaster factory in England as a skid unit .

The skid unit was then sent to Manitou where it was built into a forklift .

The July 2018 edition of “tractor and machinery “ magazine had an article about this tractor.....I have attached some pictures from the article that might help youB2081E11-2FAA-47A7-A6F3-F0A391D38459.thumb.jpeg.0a81396cbf47957f877a181cdbcdc18b.jpegE2C1F59F-115F-45D8-9DDC-B9570B9287F7.thumb.jpeg.1b5a8610b4b98d3b7378bf3d4dd809ad.jpeg3FC1DFDA-20D5-4122-AC75-740DC4D865D4.thumb.jpeg.c6f25189587eb89331da842b52e8fdd2.jpeg71FB6DD9-EB10-4B5A-82DD-41DF45B7F7B3.thumb.jpeg.ab2e503acbace6b3ef4940750986b5b3.jpeg716390EC-3C9B-4F37-8A5B-520D57531501.thumb.jpeg.efed3163545ac0a48a0af97f30b7279b.jpeg

I hope this may help.....your serial number (665) is very low , quite early production.....probably 1974 or 1975


All the best with your tractor,

Heath, NZ


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