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574 7.5" front tires?


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Hello, I have a 574 with a forklift on the front.  It had old truck tires on it when I got it. I replaced them with stock size 6.5" tires and they just aren't enough. I know I can put some skinny truck tires back on there, and get much more load rating than the tractor tires. However, I do kind of want ribbed fronts if I want to drop the forklift and pull a disc through the field. The other day on tractordata.com I was looking at the pix of 574s there and noticed one of the pix had front end loader and great big wide front tires.  Can anyone tell me which wheels and tires are in the pic? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you. 

574 Front2.jpg

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18 minutes ago, oldbart said:

 Cool.  Thanks ksfarmdude  do you know the wheel info? 8x16?

Well were talking 15 inch rim size here not exactly sure on how wide those rims really were  they are still available new from a tire shop that handles either the firestone or Titan rim manufactures 

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