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Truck door art


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Probable reason you don't see it on PU's anymore is because your PU is not just the farm truck these days, it's your daily driver too.

And, with your PU costing $60-100k... you don't take the chance of messing up the finish-just in case you do want to sell it.

Other part, a farm or company name on the door can make your vehicle "commercial" requiring different insurance and licensing in some states. Buddy of mine was given a DUI at under .08 BAC and ticketed for driving a commercial vehicle without a CDL... because he had his business name on the door of his 3/4 ton and dump trailer hooked up. 

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You are right on the resale, my plan was/is to keep my jeep and my truck, the truck is hand painted and gold leaf with a clear cover, my jeep has six beetle bailey characters, I'll take some pics for a show and tell. But when I'm dead is the only time they will change hands, same as the hog, its 38 years old and looks my way.

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The hand painted lettering is always cooler than stickers, names on trucks are still common enough around here but not a lot of newer paint lettering jobs, one tow truck guy locally has 3 late 80s/early 90s Ford wreckers that he restored and had hand lettered 

Seemed like from the 60s-80s around here it was common enough that named there heavy farm truck after their first son, usually painted on the bug deflector or the front of the hood, see names on combines and other equipment too, I always liked the cursive writing on my Gramp’s trucks and it inspired my garage name and logo, something about the ‘backwards 3’ E in Elmdew 






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