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Good green tractor question


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Just bought a S77 Oliver row crop.  Anyone know how many where made?

will need to get some seat rubbers and would like to find lights.  it’s a older repaint but will fit in nicely to add a little color to the collection. Lol 

Dad has been wanting one for a long time    He grew up on a 77 row crop.   Plan on surprising him real soon  😃EC3B36BB-ACF7-4861-9152-8AB5FE1D19BD.thumb.jpeg.7e4a8bd4360e8bc96a88f10f56cd7590.jpegThis is the previous owner on one more ride.  


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According to TractorData.com, production of the Super 77 was approximately 50,700 units.  Not a bad seller.

The older I get the more I appreciate the Meadow Green-colored tractors from the '50s and '60s.

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Korvis sells the seat rubbers for IH also.

 I have a ‘54, I think, it has the green wheels. It was my grandpa’s last Oliver. Not very pretty, after grandpa passed, grandma wanted it gone because she blamed it for grandpa’s stroke. Dad sold it to a cousin of mine from mom’s side of the family. He turned it up and ventilated the block, put another engine in it and painted it with rattle cans. I was able to get it back, and now it needs an overhaul, and restoration.


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I really like fleetline olivers, I helped restore an 88 when I worked at the farm and even went to a few tractor pulls with it. Even in its stock form the tractor always pulled well and depending on the competition I could sometimes take a ribbon with it.Those six cylinder engines are so smooth like a sewing machine and have a lot of torque.

I'm not sure if the supers had red wheels or not, I thought they were green with a yellow grille until the later years when Oliver went to white with the wheels and grille.

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It is always better to have a parts book so you can always Google the part number. Fine better prices through different companies. 

I have my Grandfather's/Uncle's  Oliver Super 77 on propane.  Planning to take the head off have back pressure to the radiator. 

It is one of that tractors that you have to remember that you are not driving a Farmall. I always find myself stepping on the brake instead of the clutch! Due to the configuration of the brake pedals!

Good luck with your tractor! 

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8 hours ago, Farmer in training said:

I believe the early Super series had green wheels and they went back to red because that was more popular. 

For three years, don’t remember the guy’s name, was president of Oliver, decided that the green with red wheels looked like a “lady of the night” so had them painted green. They went back to red after he was replaced.

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