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Injection Pumps


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I picked up these two injection pumps on an auction for cheap, The one with paint on it is locked up and the rusty one turns so far and stops. I was just wondering if they would be worth getting rebuilt  or if they should be used for parts. I was also wondering if anyone could read the serial numbers and tell what the pumps would have went on.





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1 hour ago, rustred said:

appears they came of wd6 or farmall md.  i would say they are junk. , the rusty one for sure. unless a pump builder can use a few parts.

do you have a personal need, project for them?

set them in a cat litter pail of hy t  on shelf of heated shop ,for future use

unlike todays pure JUNK !! those will be 80-100% usable/ repairable,have 6 on the shelf.

and near every month, on here someone is following MB cats details for getting them going

as to getting rebuilt ..there is no such thing/parts   save 2-3 private members here, that can make the required item.

you would receive at best a good cleaning some 450 cheap parts + - some $$$ used if necessary


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