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For that price, they had better do the work for me!


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have talked with vendors.listing site, bot sites,handling sites etc all charge for "capturing the sale"

there is virtualy no other way to advertise or get customers........

and azcam US off, has fixed contract with most they MUST !!! charge more $$ ,even if self sold in a box store. on EVERY like item.

several vendors sell on various sites and in house with ( 7) different price tiers.

always ask for the lowest posted $, and was told   cidiotes with $$$ just click the first listing so why not dig in $$$$.

needed a $25 USA fuel pump    none to be had, assembled from foreign %^&   so settled for a $60 korean junk vs $18 china #$(&**)^*( ,plenty of those also available  for $50/129/200 and a whopping $650 !!! direct ship from china

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7 hours ago, nomorejohndeere said:

wait till you shop for motorcycle gloves


Nah, i am good thanks. And considering how fast i blow through a pair of wells lamont red bead leather work gloves I don’t anticipate buying anything more expensive any time soon. 

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