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Ford 4400

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I believe this is the same loader I have on my 3400.

 At the bottom of the left side loader frame is an oil pickup that leads to the front pump.

 If you remove the bolts that hold the bottom to the frame, you will find a filter on the intake pipe.

 Replace the filter with a wire mesh strainer, as the suction filter lets the pump cavitate when the oil is cold.

 there is no other filter in the hydraulic system, but vane pumps are not that picky. All of the that era Ford utilities that I have seen use a Vickers balanced type vane pump.

 265/75-16 mud and snow tires work well on the front.

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On 10/11/2021 at 10:09 AM, Rawleigh99 said:

The brakes weren't much on them either. My godfather wound up going backwards over a creek Bank on one because the dry brakes didn't hold.  Fortunately there was a grader blade on the back of it that caught the creek bottom and kept the tractor from rolling over backwards on him.  The tractor was in excellent condition had been kept in a barn all its life. Needless to say that tractor went up the road right after that.  I always like the way that tractor looked though with the blue and yellow paint job.

If it is a true 4400 industrial tractor it will have wet brakes.

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Looking at the manual for the 8 speed transmission  it calls out M-4864 A or B  oil which I believe to be 80 or 90 Wt Mineral oil GL-2

Any thoughts on this?

My experience with a Sabb designed  GM FWD 5 Speed was the correct oil made a huge difference in shifting.

When acquired the car it was hard shifting, checking the oil I found it was ATF which was spec for the light ZF 5 speed the Sabb spec was 75W90 GL-4 

The Rear Axle/Hydraulic sump calls for M-2C53-B which crosses to the NH-134B Spec  

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Changed the tranny oil

What I drained out was likely NH134 or UTF it was on the thin side.

Wasn't any water in it so that was good and looked relatively clean.

Put the 90 WT GL-2 Mineral oil in and the gear clash is gone.

So on to the rear axle it calls for M-2C53B I need to investigate that spec and see what the viscosity requirement was.

The only oil I could find that listed that spec was Valvoline 813

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Loader has it own tank in the left loader upright.

Got the rear end/hydraulics sump changed not sure what was in there was kind of black maybe from the brakes?

It was weeping out the flow control a little before now it seems to have stopped with the Valvoline 813 

On to the loader next need to drop the filter assy out of the upright and get the proper filter on order.

Then the power steering and its all fresh 

Was in the low 40s this morning pulled the choke and it lit right off with a couple of cranks  

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Certainly going to be better than what I was using.

The JD needed a head gasket I was getting tired of fixing it.

In the last few years I put  New tires, a hydraulic pump and had to retro fit a steering box on it since parts were NLA.

It had been run hard before I got it and I got 20 years out of it.

My friend was wanting a tractor and didn't have a lot of money I told him to come get it so hopefully that gives me some good karma  



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