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DT466 From 1984 S1900 Truck To IH5088 Tractor


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1 hour to get it stripped down!    You are correct getting the parts back in is longer, esp. if everything needs redone.   I will point out that the 400 ring/pistons/sleeves come in prefit sets (leastwise they always did).   Maybe I got lucky, but it was always just drop in the sleeves, put the rod on the piston, and slide it into place, and drop in new bearings.   The only time I ever had a crank needing any attention was when the oil plug vibrated out of the pan.    

Yes, the head must be redone, the cam bearings checked.

I will admit that most of the 400 engines I rebuilt were not high hour.   Things like, dad left off the clamp on the air intake hose, I left the oil pan plug loose, a bad injector pump that was internally out of time that burned off valves, a turbo that suddenly fragmented and implanted bits in the pistons....that sort of thing!   (The first two were user error.....the others were all just weird sudden failures.)   As such, the cam & lifters were all good and needed no attention.

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5 minutes ago, 234-IA said:

Thing is, in the end you know what you have if you go through the engine.   It makes a difference that ComancheStarFarms knows what they have with the truck engine-  but for something out of a salvage yard...  unless someone has the documents you *don't* know. 

When I was in their shoes a couple of years ago I considered going with a used combine engine,   a C-IH reman, or out-of-frame overhaul.  I gave up the used engine option fairly early because I figured I was going to feel like a real monkey if, two or three years down the line, the combine engine laid down on me for whatever reason.

  And as has been said here the truck is worth several thousand dollars and around here unless the cab is rotted out it would be worth considerably more.  All that value disappears once you start robbing it for parts.  Get a handle on the 5088 engine and see what it needs.  If a lost cause then start looking for a take out.  Yes, there is risk at the parts yard but not as bad as it used to be as everybody is trying to protect their reputation.  From what I have seen with my local guy is if something is the least bit questionable he will tear it down and sell off what is good such as the block, head, injection pump, and scrap the rest.  

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