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Dads old dozer


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I got back my dads old Cats back 5 years ago from down in my home town in north east Iowa . The first one I got done and back down to our neighbors farm where we use it today , the original one that I was on since I was 6 months old in the spring of 1963 when he was building the golf coarse in my home town . I spent many hours riding on this machine as a kit and dad let me start running it when I was 14 years old . It was in need of a bunch of work but it had a new overhaul from Caterpillar and had about 50 hours since it was done . The under carriage was ok . I had to buy a donor D 6 Cat out in Colorado from a government surplus auction and it had 788 actual hours on it . I’m sure dad is rolling over in his grave as we hit that new dozer in the head and took all the good parts and put on dads machine .

‘We burned some Lang days and nights to get this done for the ACMOC Show in my home town two weeks ago . This show was a working show so I hauled the original dozer down from MN and my other machine was hauled into town from the construction company that was hosting the show . It’s the first time these two dozers worked side by side for over 50 years . My some came down and we had a weekend of pushing dirt and they both worked great 😊 If any of you get to north east Iowa stop into the new Caterpillar museum that was just opened two weeks ago , it is unbelievable what John Moyna /owner of CJ Moyna and Sons construction company /MTS factory where they build big scrapers, offset disks , rollers , quad track tractors , John and I went to school together and of coarse he rolled the red carpet out for me knowing I was going to have dads old dozers there at the show . He gave me the scraper that dad pulled behind the original dozer , he had it giving to him by the guy that owned these dozers my dad run for many years . So I guess I will have another project down the road .





























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Looks like you did a great job on it Danny.  Also looks like a great time putting it to work.

We drove through Elkader yesterday and I noticed the new building.  I didn't realize it was a museum, or I would have stopped in to see if they were open.  We are planning to make another trip up to the Decorah area yet this fall, may need to go out of the may and go back to Elkader to check it out.

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What a great ending bringing those two Cats  together in their home town .

the greater story is your history on that machine and your Dads history .

great memories and pictures , just wish I would of been there to celebrated it with you .


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Looks good Danny, great machine and great story 

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Nice job on it and a great story.  The D6 CAT was the first dozer I ran. HAd the gas pony motor on it. Always looked forward to when I got to run it. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks to all of you , I am planning on putting it out on a couple jobs when it works out , my son really likes running it , he was very close to my dad and loved hearing stories about those dozers . Wish he was still here , it would have been fun to have him help us with this project , I remember a lot of stories and life experiences with those two dozers . Here are a few more pictures from back in the day 
















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Nice job on that Dirtboyz team 😉

Very cool project and really nice to have that family attachment to a machine like that....way to go guys, great job !!!

Im glad you have many great pictures and memories of your Dad,...they are treasures for sure.....good for you guys!!!


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......Yur old Dad   wouild have to concede   the old 9U   , after that effort looks the goods..    A massive effort on the "restore"...having given my old 6B     the sandblast and paint etc....its no five minute job !!!

to  echo Heath's   thoughts......great to have that ''family attachment "' to the fine old D6  9 U   .....:wub:


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I thing the crane was a Koring , not sure the model , never got to be around those , they built bridges and culverts , my dad was the dozer operator and truck driver . I have the semi too . We restored that back in 1998 and I have that on display at the I  80 Truck Stop at Walcot Iowa , it’s a 1957 Big Job 800 , gas motor with a 15 speed 😳 as a kid when he would haul the dozer home for a weekend of Cat work I would get out and walk up the hill faster than he could go 😳

Dad thought restoring his old truck was a big deal , I can imagine what he would say about having the dozer done and now getting the old scraper back 👍😎







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DANNY - Thanks for bringing this museum to our attention.  It reminds me a lot of the ground floor of the Deere Corp. office building years ago before they rebuilt the downtown Moline Pavilion. We only lived about a mile away from the Corp. office on JD Road, Sunday mornings I'd go for a motorcycle ride and the museum was open, I'd spend an hour or two looking at stuff.  Wife and I will have to get out to Elkader and see those old dozers. I've never actually seen a Holt or Best. Plus there's a great place to eat in Balltown on the way there.

    Your Dad's Ford needed a Super-Duty engine in it to haul that big Cat. I belong to a couple Ford Facebook pages, one on N series, C series, and Super-Duty engine page. Think one other too.  Dumbest thing Ford ever did selling off their big truck business.

  Great work restoring your Dad's dozer and Ford truck. I gotta get to Walcot and see the truck too.

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That crane could be a Unit , they had two of them . The old Ford think has a 330 motor , I think that’s what dad told me , it has a 15 speed and you need every thing you can you get it down the road with a load , it’s way to small of a engine for the truck .for what they were doing . I will have to find out on the hours of that museum , not sure what John’s plan is for having it open to the public . I’m hoping it will be open a few days a week or weekends for everyone to enjoy .


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Great photos of the times of your life. Your devotion to family is outstanding and your devotion to machinery exceptional. I can't imagine the pride you feel when you see your son working that Cat!

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