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So here is what I’ve been working on the past few days. Several months ago I bought a winch bed out of a junkyard that had been wrecked. After a lot of torching and work I got it looking pretty good. Now I was down to straightening out the bent gin poles. They were 14’ long made of 2-7/8 sch 80 pipe with a sleeve inside the whole length of sch 80 2-3/8”. They either fell on the headache or the truck rolled over on them. 

I wanted to be able to lower them into the troughs so 11-1/2’ was plenty long. 

So I cut them at the bend to start with,  and cut about 2-1/2’ out of them. I then cut the outer layer back 14” from the main cut on both sides. Slid a 50” long pipe inside and plug welded it in to the middle layer. Then I split a piece of the outer layer that I had cut out and sandwiched it back over so all the joints were staggered and welded everything up. Now I know I’m no certified welder and this probably wouldn’t pass any X-rays but hopefully it will work good for occasional use around the farm!06FBAE49-B472-45E3-89CA-1F6BD8AAAD52.thumb.jpeg.c0d2fb6edf830d3764ac9640092b019d.jpegiA7151629-8366-4778-8AC4-D9EB68026A0A.thumb.jpeg.d8494d5c59b0908c2d5b4c60ecdf5525.jpeg4A731B45-2450-4598-A2F0-08FD62D4AF14.thumb.jpeg.ee383819d9928cf89d573f0083e29af3.jpeg5DD8CA04-9524-44B2-937F-6599A1D1B0D5.thumb.jpeg.748f5e2e40b113a35489e36310a45884.jpeg8DE65DFA-5E83-45E3-BAA0-0C93B62B2616.thumb.jpeg.84f32c498078b3c4f62553d3e708229b.jpegC0DE696E-E17A-4AD7-8626-0A3800A57396.thumb.jpeg.9c597182ca6b27105228d27e75c1d14a.jpeg78A9CB05-94D6-4E94-8F05-A0E00ECE07F4.thumb.jpeg.e1c32ee1f05cbf91cf57eaa564ca2e1b.jpeg8C96297A-CD94-4A2D-BF26-A819B1C037C7.thumb.jpeg.4e9b3f5adac999c6c48d1dffeaa935b1.jpeg


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Gin poles are so handy, looks like some thought put into salvaging what was there and structurally modifying for the future 

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Thanks for the replies and encouragement! I’m anxious to try it out. I’ll include a few pics of the bed in the shape it was in when I brought it home. And I picked up the truck off purplewave after living it’s life as a local county water truck. 


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