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856 PTO main spring

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I sent off my pto to be rebuilt, apparently the main spring is bad. I think they lost it myself. Now they are having a hard time finding one to complete the rebuild. Can anyone tell me where to find on or get me a part number that I can call case with.

Thank you 

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Have had several out that got deformed or lost their strength, usually if the clutch disc's got hot enough that the heat hurt the spring. Have had one or two that were deformed enough they did not need compressed to be removed. 


I know where several used ones that were pulled out of good donor units but I don't know where you are.

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That's a good ways from here. 

But yes they do need replaced some times. 

381493R1 should be the part number, Messicks shows to have one in stock, would think dealers near there could get them or have one too. 

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