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4030 yard crane

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On 10/2/2021 at 12:35 AM, Rawleigh99 said:

Yea, I follow CEE as well.  I saw video of him using it recently and was hoping to get more info on it.  It reminds me of the cranes they had on the loder aircraft carriers to throw damaged planes overboard.  Pretty neat.

I have found the 4030 crane tractor listed in the 1974 Australian IH general catalog. I believe it was based on the 574 diesel farm tractor that was listed in the same catalog. Engine is listed as an IH D-239 diesel and the clutch is listed as an 11" Dynalife. 

I have been in contact with the people who put the Youtube video up and suggested they try either a farm machinery wrecker's yard to source parts such as the dashboard panel and the bonnet (hood) and ask for a IH 574 tractor parts. Possibly a Case IH farm machinery dealer may be able to help with new parts as the 574 is still listed on their spare parts website.

Regards from Michael H. in Australia🛠️


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Yep, I also like to watch him at work.

My FIL was a machinist (locally known as a fitter and turner), and seeing Curti at work, reminds me of my FIL.  His no-nonsense and practical approach appeals to me.

Should I ever get to Oz (aka the 'land down under')  Iĺl gladly go and sweep his worskhop..

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I have seen something similar but on a earlier tractor maybe a M with a narrow front set up in a reversed layout not articulated 

It was branded IH on the boom

It sat outside a defunct truck repair shop that was on some property that was taken by eminent domain for a road project.

All gone now I wish I had gotten a photo I have never seen another 


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