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Another "oil" comment....


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and it's not a 'what should be used' question!!

My 'local' Case dealer is 50/60 miles away (I have a "local" NH dealer that is maybe 25 miles away but I didn't know this two years ago)

None the less....  I had bought a supply of Hytrans to do a complete oil change when I got my 1066.  Bought a couple buckets at a time when I was in the neighboring town.  Got it done, had a couple extra buckets.  I then discovered the NH delaer that was much much closer AND I get to that little town far more often than I get to the original town....so all is good.

I've been told that the Case/IH Hytrans is 100% identical to the NH (I forget their exact name....Hyguard??).  So I bought two buckets of that after all the dust had settled.

Enter Covid and (for work) I'm stuck working out of my basement for 18 months so no trips to either town for work purposes (I get paid mileage so figure I'll get reimbursed for the drive to wherever I go, as long as I can weave it into a trip for work)

Fortunately for last 18 months, I've not needed any of these fluids.

Things are changing and now I'm allowed back on the road for work.  I'm heading to the original town where the Case dealer is.  I figure since I'm there I'll buy a bucket ($125).  They had a pallet of Hytrans sitting by the door AND on the opposite side of the door, they had a pallet of (Hyguard?)....  told the guy I came to get a bucket.  As I was paying, it dawned on me to ask about the price of them in case they had a different price on them.....given it's the 'same thing', why not.

The guy was ADAMENT that they were NOT the same thing.  He got into saying Hytrans (I have no idea what he exactly said so bear with this paraphrase)....


Hytran is a 10-30 weight, ISO 100 and has a WQ rating of 5

Hyguard is a 15-45 weight, ISO 62 and a WQ rating of 7

(again, the above isn't likely correct, point is, he spouted off a lot of technical jargon)

"Totally different items for different applications"

I'm not an engineer nor their employee....  so I am not going to put my understanding against someone like that....  so I just nodded & left.

I thought that was interesting, and then I realized....  I didn't really LOOK at the buckets sitting on the other side of the door and I don't really KNOW that they were in fact, Hyguard (or whatever the NH name is, I am blank right now)....  so it's possible that he was right, if in fact, they had something there that was NOT what I was presuming it to be.

I had higher priority things to go get done than to fret over what he said or what I saw.....  I just thought it was interesting on how insistent he was that the two were different (under the presumption that it WAS Hyguard sitting by the door)

I never did find out how much that bucket cost.




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Well, a lot has changed in the last 18 months since you last bought oil. In fact, everything has changed.

Case New Holland (CNH) switched suppliers of their oil. The Hy-Tran you bought 18 months ago was supplied by Viscosity Oil. The Hy-Tran you can buy now is supplied by Shell. It is a different formula. It has a different smell. It has a different name too, Hy-Tran Premium. It is compatible with all old versions of Hy-Tran, though.

I don't know what this "Hyguard" stuff is you're talking about, but it probably is NOT the same. The name of the "same" New Holland product is MASTERTRAN, and a CaseIH dealer would not have a pallet of it in their store.

If you're paying $125 a bucket for Hy-Tran, your CaseIH dealer is fleecing you. It should only be around $90 a bucket.

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Now that I reflect, I think the "Hyguard" is John Deere (that I use for my riding mower).  Mastertran, that's it.  (Ultraction if I recall?).

I've not been able to find the 5-gallon buckets in either location/city for a lessor price.

He did say that they had a price increase 'a while back' but I have no clue what that means.

I'm just glad the total fluid exchange is done and now I'm on "keep it full" for a while verses having to flush it all again.  Makes for expensive upkeep on a lawn mower (I only use 1066 to pull 15' flexwing)

Doesn't Case now own NH???  My understanding is this location is a dealer of both (but I will say I only noticed Case machines behind their building so maybe this isn't .......the case HA!)

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Also isn't there a synthetic version or some other grade of product for some of the newer stuff? (I'm thinking cvt Trans here? )

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(Just got home from work)

I got to thinking about this....and given my forgetting the name, it dawned on me that it's certainly possible that I asked them about HiGuard..... to which he was answering my question, letting me know it's totally different (and I still have no clue).

But if that's the case then it's certainly reasonable that he was telling me how different it was while I was "knowing" in the back of my head that Hytrans and MasterTrans were the same thing.....and we both could have been right.

What I was trying to ask him was is Hytrans the same price as MasterTrans.....  I'd have to presume they're the same but until you ask.....  and I never got an answer because I may have asked the wrong question.


I almost called them on the way home but I hit some pretty rural areas and the phone dies....AND it's not THAT big of a deal.

But I'm resigned that I probably asked him the wrong question about Higuard.


Oops....  then I get to compound that by publicizing here that I likely asked a stupid question!  Double Oops!


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