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Thanks again to the owners of this forum for allowing us to participate, I think I speak for everyone when I say we didn't realize how important this is to us until it was gone.

A big thank you also to BJ.  Acting as the moderator can be a thankless job. I'm guessing there are also many things that happen behind the scenes that keep this site running. I know I wouldn't know the first thing about any of that stuff and am glad there is someone here to handle it. This forum is the best one I know of to navigate through. Thanks again for the job well done, it's very much appreciated.

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17 hours ago, Absent Minded Farmer said:

I'm from Wisconsin & it is Russian. I posted that way for three reasons. One.... to express my thanks, two.... to see if the server was capable of posting those characters (just out of curiosity) & three..... I've been picking up on the Russian language through watching some videos as of late. Can't type out all that I know, as the videos are of Russian people hollering at each other. :v)


I had an acquaintance in college, friend of a friend who was studying foreign language, but our little school didn't offer any kind of RUSSIAN which was his real goal,  his thoughts were Americans fluent in Russian would always be needed for government work.  That school also in Wisconsin.

   Yep, glad the Coffee shop by whatever name is back. Made a comment to the girl I talked to at Three Point Ink a month ago about how great a magazine Dennis & Sallie put out, and how great a resource this forum is, and She agreed completely with me.  

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