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Need some opinions.

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About 45 years ago, I bought a International 504U gas.  It was a one owner and about like new.  It sat and was used to run a dryer.  It's been a great little tractor and still looks really nice, but It is now time for a overhaul, weak clutch needs, front end work and it smokes.  Still peppy, but time to fix it up.  So...do I rebuild it stock, if the block is still good, or do I make it a little special and put a 6 cylinder from a 606U.   It appears it will bolt directly to the 504 bell housing.  I have a complete parts tractor including nice sheet metal and longer hood, ect.   Not concerned about the work or even the expense.  Maybe a little diesel would be better horsepower choice.  I'm going to spend the money either way.

Maybe I should buy a few parts, put the 606U back together.  Not too many of those around anymore. 

So........ The question is.......am I making it better or am I ruining the value of a really nice, complete 504U or do I fix both up stock??  Thanks.


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 What do you gain by bolting the back half of a 504 to the front half of a 606 ?  You just end up with a 606 not a really special  504 .  you can get the same effect by putting a set of 504 emblems on a 606. If you look in a couple of parts books there is not a lot of different parts in the rear half of those two tractors.

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I would save both. Had a 2606 backhoe loader. It had a zillion hours on it but ran great. Parsons backhoe,  IH loader. Powerful,  dug great, just worn out. It went down the road well, heck the TA even worked great.  In road gear though,  you better pay attention because it was everywhere at once!

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