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Serial number questions


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Most of the production serial numbers start with 501. Why?

I assume that reading the serial numbers is the beginning of production in that year.

According to Steiner's catalog of IH serial numbers 

International 300 


1956- 30219

29718 is the total in 1955. 

According to Tractordata.com

30851 total 300U made.

So in 1956 about 1133 were built. 

Is this correct how I am reading it?

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Yes - but...you're off by 1 (no biggie):  1st one in '56 was xxx19, so LAST on in '55 was xxx18, so 29717 built in '55 and 1134 built in '56.  I did not try to verify TD's numbers.



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Don't know the why on the 501. 300 U 501 was assembled in march 55. First built in January 56 was 20219. So was 20218 the last built in 55?  Last built in September 56 was 33664. Don't think anyone knows for sure that all serial numbers along the way were used.  Some were listed as scraped. Don't know from a major defect or for testing to make sure machining, build quality and other things  were still correct. Maybe they tested them until failed. Maybe even some other reason. 

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