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Mackinaw Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing next Saturday


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Since they took away our column for this type of stuff... I'll just mention......

If you never seen a couple thousand running and driving antique tractors in one place, you owe it to yourself to go to Northern Michigan Saturday September 10, 11, 12.

You can look it up on line.  

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25 minutes ago, JaredT said:

It is an awesome feeling to do something like that with my dad, two brothers and one sister and their families





Our Family Is Also Here!! 

Many Folks Haven't Seen this Bridge in Northern Michigan,

Our Family Members have Been Driving in The "Farm Tractor" Bridge Crossing for a Dozen Years!!

Thanks Neighbors!!

Jim Droscha

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For the most part, it has to run. It needs to go at least 10 mph.  You need to have a toe rope for every couple of tractors just in case one quits, chains aren't allow as they could get caught in the bridge grating.  You need a fire extinguisher. Other than that, no worries. 

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9 hours ago, Ihcubguy said:

I would love to do this sometime. Have friends that did it once. As I understand they check over your tractor and it has to meet certain criteria?

  A Tractor Club is The first Thing to check into,  If your Group of Members is on the List, to Cross the Bridge, You are an Automatically allowed to Cross.

This Group Membership allows the "Bridge Organization" to Allow an "Agriculture Producer" or "Tractor Club" members to Self Monitor the Tractors that won't make the "Bridge Journey",....Just Because a Vehicle has Tractor Tires bolted to it doesn't make it a Tractor,

I Think That Has Been Pointed out to Many Club Members & Participates by the Mackinaw Bridge Authorities.

Beautiful Restored Farm Trucks have joined on the Parade of tractors Across the "Great Mackinaw".

This 2021 "Mackinaw Bridge Crossing" allowed 1500 Tractors,  All 1500 Spots were spoke for.

I'm Sure Folks have Attended this Event without a Club Membership and asked to be able to join the the Tractor Parade.

From what I Understand, the Limitation of Tractors Crossing is Enforced,   Our Tractor Club Meeting in the Spring is Asking "Who's Crossing The Bridge with Us this Year"?...... We Need to Know as soon as Possible!!... Get Your Name On the List!!

Our Local Community Does Have Certain Criteria.

My 2 Cents.

Jim Droscha


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As far as I know Jim is right on all of that and there is a liability issue, which is why you need to be part of a tractor club. The tractor club is covering the liability for its members. Dont know that first hand, but that is what I am told.

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