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Irrigation pipe uses

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 I am looking for  some input on re purposing 6 inch aluminum irrigation pipe.

 Available not far from me is a large pile of pipe, farmer is now growing townhouses.

 I need drainage from my basement, the plan is to bury about 80 to 100  feet of pipe to make a sump drain come out at grade.

Does any one here have an idea how long aluminum will last if buried and is in permanent contact with wet soil?


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Scrap it and buy schedule 40 plastic. Depends on your soil properties it will corrode slowly or faster 

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Irrigation pipe is very thin wall and I wouldn’t advise burying it. Also a good chance it is gated if it’s not transfer pipe. 

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I just bought a bunch of schedule 40 4".  Prices are crazy.  I think it was almost $4 ft.  I wouldn't chance the aluminum as tempting as it may be.  We do it nice because we do it twice isn't fun on buried stuff.

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