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5488 PPH hyd. pump stays on high

Brian W

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Hello, I have a problem hopefully someone has some knowledge on. Was using our 5488 and noticed a hydraulic leak coming from the top of the pump from a square cover on the top aft part of the pump. I realized then the pump seemed to be staying on high pressure. I installed a gauge on the pump output tee and verified that with no demand the pump stayed on with 2500 psi. 350 psi would be normal and in the standby position. I removed the .020 bleed orifice and found it dirty, cleaned it and retried it with same results. All the aux valves are in neutral. Everything works fine, all the aux valves and the hitch. I removed the signal line from the pump and tried that for kicks and it didn’t make a difference. Not sure if the pump needs low pressure on the signal to make it go to standby or not. Would a leak in the pump output to hitch cause this, or is it as simple as a bad pump and compensator block. Thanks for any ideas. 


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