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ih 685 gear stick problems....🤔


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Hi all new to this forum but need help.
Have a ih 685 international 1988 and the gear stick and hi/lo stick selector is seized solid, been sat for a while. gears select fine by hand with selector linkages removed, but the actual gear and hi,lo stick will not move forwards or back. Thought penetrating spray would help but nothing. Question....how do I remove the shaft the holds both gear sticks so I can dismantle and grease and replace.

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Hi, welcome to this forum. I hope your 685 does not have a cab or it is more of a PITA.
Here is link to CaseIH.com parts for the transmission shift lever parts: https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/tractors/agricultural/under-100-hp/case-ih-diesel-tractor/power-train/transmission-control-external/cn/12827D55-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD

Last summer I helped my brother replace the outer left rear axle bearing on his CIH 495, same rear end as your 685, see attached photo below.
His 495 had a roll bar as well which made it more difficult, so we chose to remove both fenders, fuel tank and roll bar as one unit and to do this we had to remove both rear wheels.
For your problem, if you have a air hammer or long bar or rod, I would come in from the rear over the top of the axle housing and tap on the of part #22 in the CaseIH parts diagram. To get better access requires removing the seat and the deck plate which can be a PITA unless you have a helper.
From the photo of the 495 you can see the outer support with the large bolt holes is swung upward as it normally bolts to the holes on the rear axle housing.
The inside of the shifter assembly bolts to the side of the range/diff housing.     


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