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585 Working girl


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This isn't anything earth shattering but after feeling better after a major cancer operation I got energetic two days ago and topped (bush hogged) and harrowed my 6 acre hay paddock. I had the 585 serviced prior to to winter setting in down under - main work done was brake seals and new handbrake band so the ol girl had the cab off and the top of the gearbox off to get into replacing this piece. I also welded up some of the wear in the external gear shift selectors and stopped the jamming of the range change gears. Those of you who operate the 85 series with the H pattern will know what I mean. It does the tractor good to get out and get hot and work for a good length of time. Over winter it does menial tasks around the block and doesn't get warm enough to stir everything up. The job took a tad under two hours and she never missed a beat - that maybe a short time for some larger operations but I find that once a tractor gets hot any issue will come to the fore. The exhaust ran clean all the time and she didn't use any oil which makes me happy - it may only be a small d206 but she works her little heart out. I've attached photos cause everyone likes photos or else it didn't happen LOL






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Not often we get to see a genuine IH 85 series here. Most of the ones here in the States are CaseIH. Same tractor with a Case-inspired hood.

Apparently the designers of that cab were counting on farmers always losing their a$$ judging by how narrow those doors are! You have to be pretty skinny to slip in and out of that thing.

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