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New Chinese wind turbine with 387ft long blades


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I'll bet it is very impressive when they destroy themselves.

The Fire Department just sits and puts out the fires under it when it burns.

Maybe they will put a few of these off the Kennedy Compound.

Just for eye appeal.

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1 hour ago, JaredT said:

Maybe we should ban windows, they are killing too many birds.🙄

Sounds like a good idea. Of course we’ll need to exempt the government from this requirement. I wonder if a farmer had this chart and showed it to some government official the next time he mowed over some endangered (insert animal) it would be ok wouldn’t it? Look, farmers didn’t even make the list so I’m in the clear right? Try bulldozing a tree with a bald eagle nest in it and pulling out that chart, see if the government will accept that. 

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On 8/24/2021 at 8:33 AM, Dirt_Floor_Poor said:

I don’t care what it costs. Just charge it to the federal government. I want one right in my backyard so I can watch it shred up the bald eagles. 

Maybe not funny, but funny you say that. My brother works on the turbines, and within a week or 2 of them coming on line, he told me he wasn't allowed to tell me what kind of bird it was, but that it was a huge brown bird with a white head that got wiped out by a turbine blade. Their policy is that they have to report it, and where it was and all, to the appropriate agency, whoever that is. They had to pay, I think he said, a $15,000 or $20,000 fine. I hit more birds with my truck in a year than those things with kill in their lifetime

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10 hours ago, RBootsMI said:

I hit more birds with my truck in a year than those things with kill in their lifetime

Not to hijack but this reminded me. Back in the eighties I had a red '83 dodge pickup. You would have thought that it was a aircraft carrier and birds were kamikaze pilots. That truck killed a lot of birds.

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