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Pedal pulling postponed, prayers needed instead

Rusty shackleford

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Zeke the pedal pulling champ has been at children's hospital for 5 days now. Rsv and pneumonia real bad. Saterday he seemed fine and then said "daddy you look farther away than u are" after hearing that I took him strate to the er. His oxygen was so low he had tunnel vision. He's been on oxygen now for 5 days. He's getting better but this type of thing can cause asthma in the future. He is having a hard time not being on the farm. He constantly says he wants fresh are and he missis the farm.20210815_151841.thumb.jpg.733e53eb12a4e387c731719adbfca531.jpg20210815_151950.thumb.jpg.94fe5b31777dff81a0f83149d9e58377.jpg20210815_172130.thumb.jpg.cddf354e06bc96f28c0b17cf660a3036.jpg20210818_131819.thumb.jpg.8ea9722ac1e18e5cf6b8467cfb40bc39.jpg

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