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Burnt IH Tractor

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I wasn't sure which area was best to post this, so hopefully this is OK.

A few years back, big barn hire took out the few remaining items (the bulk had been sold at auction prior).  We lost quite a bit, but my Dad saved this IH tractor for some reason.  As he was a mechanic, I think he checked and thought there were salvageable pieces on it.  I believe it's a 1206, but my memory is hazy.

In any case, Dad passed away in July and I'm now in charge of cleaning out the machine shed as the property is being sold. I was going to call a scrapper, but thought there might be someone looking for a parts unit, or knew someone who did.


IMG_0945 (Large).JPG

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Jim, sorry to hear about your dad.

This is the Projects, Builds, and Restorations section. Not a lot of traffic in this section. Unfortunately the Red Power Forum doesn't have a for sale section.

Hard to tell in the picture but it looks like either a 1206, 1256, or 1456. All three look pretty similar but the few distinguishing differences are hard to see in the picture. They say if its hot enough to remove the paint then its not savable. But I'm sure a few parts can be used.

Probably too far away for me, but where is the machine located?

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I know of an IH salvage yard near me that would buy that in a heart beat. 

See if you have a tractor salvage place near by I’ll bet they would want it. 

If I were closer I would buy it because I can see by the picture that there is a tiny itty bitty speck of gold paint left  so it MUST  have been a gold demo tractor .    


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Some parts are ruined, but coincidentally the most valuable (not still made) parts are usually the cast ones. Cast iron will not be affected usually by structure fire types of heat. Anything heat treated (hardened or tempered steel) would need replacement.

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