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Man this plow pulls hard!

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Luckily it didn't go in the ground too deep. This is the log left from one of the silver maples the tree guys took down. I cut as much off of it as I could, there is a cut in this piece but apparently they didn't meet or the bar wasn't long enough, it wiggles but stayed together all the way to the pile.

I started out pulling it with the 756, after having the front end about five feet in the air I went and got the 10! Front end stayed on the ground all the way to the pile but had to use the brakes to steer some. Was using my favorite chain but got nervous and changed to a 1/2", didn't want the smaller one coming through the back glass.

Three more logs to clean up.



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Man do that bring back memories. Back in the days the I was slogging in the mid 70's we got into some old growth in No Central Wa. so full of pitch they had turned purple on the cut.  Hooked onto a few 36 ft butt cuts that could only be moved  by winching them along, move ahead, set up the brakes & winch along, then repeat. And this was with A D-7 - 17A. 1st gear didn't have enough power to pull em.

Looks like you lucked out cause they appear to have a fair amount of rot throughout. Make some nice table slabs too I'll bet.

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