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Which way does this go?

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Started my 756 after sitting a while and have no steering, brakes or movement. It done this before and I primed the mcv with the plug in the bottom and everything worked fine. 

When I removed the plug this time and started the tractor I immediately had fluid and shut it down. Went to put the plug back in and this piece was laying on the ground.  Does it just slide back in with the oring up?20210814_141154.thumb.jpg.6c29a2d58d3050c0e2bd7b4c3e2c92d1.jpg

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No matter which way you choose, or who tells you, it always goes the other way! NO NOI the other other way..... now turn it around the other way.

Either way you'll be 50% right or 50% wrong.

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Well when I first tried to prime I just loosened the plug and started the tractor but no fluid came out. I then completely removed the plug with nothing falling out. I started the tractor and fluid was pouring out. When I got down to reinstall the plug the valve was laying on the ground.  Put it back in and installed the plug and had my functions again. 

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