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MTO pressure gauge

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Those used brake pistons need to be stored in the drawer with the blown fuses, dead bulbs, dead batteries and other stuff that just cannot be thrown away.

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18 minutes ago, Owen Aaland said:

Those pistons look fine, you just need to replace the brake pads.😄

Ha-Ha.   I still have TWO investment cast steel disk brake pistons out of the calipers on my '78 F-150 4wd, the rubber bellows would get hard, not seal, and sand & dirt, even salt get between the piston and it's bore an sieze,  had to rebuild them about every 2 years,  anyhow, I used the old ones for ash trays on the work bench.  Quit smoking 6 years ago, so they have exceeded their second life's work period, at least it was much longer than their first life.

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16 minutes ago, TN Hillbilly said:

I would think an MTO pressure gauge would walk on two legs, have other "assets" and...oh never mind.


some people can't tell the difference between a pressure gauge and a relief valve.  cab

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