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Puddle on the deck.

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At one point I was thinking something along that line, as I had just put 4 gallons of hytran in the tractor and spilled some there on the deck.

But I sopped it up with a rag and it was bone dry when I went to move some bales. The puddle formed while I was running the tractor.

It doesn't appear to be running down from under the seat, but is coming up from below, which makes no sense.

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Surely you can see where its leaking from if its on top the floor , Just run it get it warmed up good and watch it

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19 hours ago, FarmerFixEmUp said:

There's a  steel line  under the platform to the left brake. Maybe has a pinhole in it. 

This is line is common to rust thru and leak.  Get part # 384822R!! from CNH.  They have about 100 of them in stock right now. 

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