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RD injection pump

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Like Snoshoe is telling you , it’s on the back side of the main pump housing , there might be a small cover over the 12 point headed bolt , this is you fuel adjustment. I would recommend having it on the dyno to set the power . If your stock no turbo don’t go crazy on the fuel , it’s not going to make a lot more power but will make a lot of black smoke , it raises the cylinder temp and can cause the risk of scoring a cylinder . If your turboed you can get as much as 250 hp full fueled , for running in the field I would keep it around 150 hp . Keep the radiator clean and make sure your running straight 30 w diesel oil .


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On 7/21/2021 at 5:49 PM, sandhiller said:

thanks guys, will have to examine closer, there is like a locking nut over the 12 point cap, do I remove all the way to get inside the pump ? I can screw it out and then fuel starts to come out. I don't want to screw something up. Can not find any diagrams


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