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Tractor of the week # 18 706

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I finally got a pic of my 706. She has been neglected for several years.

She is a 63 model with wide front, D282, 3pt, 1 remote. She is wearing worn out 18.4x38s now but came with 15.5x38s and 7.00x15 fronts. The original owner had the shifter update to 756 style by the dealer. We are the second owner and she is still pretty tight.

The bolts in her steering arm are stripped out. I need to replace the shaft in the front bolster but am unsure how. I start her occasionally to keep her loosened up.




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Here's a Pic of mine. It's a 65 if memory serves. It's a 282 and has 6xxx hours on it. I'd love to hear the stories that it could tell. I'm at least the 3rd owner. I got it with no fenders and added a set of clamshell fenders from a member on here. And I added an iron bull economy canopy cause of our hills/safety. It spends most of its time on a square baler




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When I went to look...IMG_20170423_133847421_HDR.thumb.jpg.147843228a3cfa1d074bbeeae23e576d.jpg


Going in the shop...yep the 2 point on the 606 will lift it...


Next addition should be an elevator...


Hitch improvements...20190924_150419.thumb.jpg.e92f88c026ac9e0ac37e5c16ffbf3ee8.jpg

Getting a little work done...


(amazingly enough, the ramp on the back of the trailer came out a LOT better that it should have)...?


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A gas 263 we have and my brother's ice cube engined one (282)








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