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Patriotic Lear

New Englander

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I just came across this picture in a trade magazine of a little Lear Jet in a very patriotic red, white and blue scheme that seems appropriate for the 4th.  The owner is a veteran Army pilot:

Patriotic Lear.jpg

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10 hours ago, Dasnake said:

Kul, what is that worth?

Really hard to say. I think it looks like a model 31 but there are variants even among those. I've never flown a Lear and don't know all that much about them. Assuming it is a 31 then it's still all over the board. One with high time engines and heavy inspection due may go for less than a million while one in tip top shape and well equipped may go for several million. Looking at the two side by side you'd not be able to tell. As with everything, the devil is in the details?


I got curious as well and here is what Wiki has to say about the model:


When reading the specs keep in mind some are certification values such as ceiling of 51,000'. That doesn't mean the plane is actually operational at that height, just that it's certified to that altitude. For instance the plane I'm flying is also certified to 51,000 under FAR Part25 and "green" planes - no interior can actually operate there. 47,00 at very light weights/cold temps are as high as practical. Those planes are ballasted to their minimum flight weight. Our planes are certified to mach .90 and they will go that fast but at a tremendous fuel burn. Our normal cruise is m.85, long range at .80 and the sweet spot, where fuel burn and maintenance costs cross, is .82-83 depending on fuel costs.

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4 minutes ago, Rick G. said:

Pretty cool. But how do they get away without having a tail # on that plane?

Edited out for photo. Look closely at tail where no stars are.

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Oh ok thanks N E. I’m using my small screen on my cell phone right now so I couldn’t tell. Now that you mention it, I can see the spot on the vertical tail fin where the number should be.

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