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1963 706 Paint Colors

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24 minutes ago, RandyIN said:

Is there a simple reference for the Paint Colors used in 1963 for my 706?

Having trouble picking out what color of white to use for the emblems and side panels.


I think I found my answer in a older post.

IH Reds:
#50 Red (1937-Mid 1949): PPG 70019, DuPont 7410
IH 1102B Red (1949-1958):
IH 201 Red (1958-Early 1961):
2150 Red (Late 1961-Early 1980): PPG 71310
Gloss Red (Late 1980-Current): PPG 78009

IH Whites:
901 White (??-1970): PPG 8665, MS 53A-3965
902 White: PPG 90592
935 White (1970) : PPG 91607
Harvester Cream: MS 99N113

602 Blue: PPG 10067, DuPont: # 24160, MS 3736

Gold Demo Gold, Various Found:
-1967 Caddy Baroque Gold: PPG 22814
-1973 Ford Gold Glamour: PPG MTK 2415 A (Paint is somewhat Translucent, shoot on top of White Base)
-1970 Chrysler Aztec Gold (Dirtboyz07)
-1968 Rolls Royce Gold


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