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Rear lower line hydraulic repair 560

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I had to follow up with a failure of the hydraulic lines under tool box. 
The installation of the 3 point hitch,  a issue with a rusty hydraulic line under the tool box ( if you can call it a tool box).rats or mice built nest in there and corrosion resulting failure of line. I put bags of decon in the tool box ,but damage occurred any way. 
here’s the results of the fix. 

I had to take tool box ,deluxe seat out to get to lines. Removal of hydraulic blocks ( lack of space to work on the lines under dash. 
The lines did come easy enough with two of us to wiggle out . 
I looked up parts ( pipe , tube 374053R93 ) and went on line to many places and they wanted  under 1500 with shipping for them . With all our issues with the three point installation. I wasn’t happy with the the idea of adding on to the time and effort of that to an already labor filled project. But if you have to come up with a solution you got try and come up with something . 
Dave gave my a place in Wisconsin that rebuilds them for 400 and send in old parts. If I could I would have sent it in to them . But I needed the tractor now . 
so I thought using a hydraulic hose but no fittings looked right or available. 
Went to hardware store they had half inch steel tubing but welded seam ,so I wasn’t comfortable that was safe. The o.d. Of pipe was 5/8 . I found the schedule 40 gas line had a 5/8 opening. The 5/8 hydraulic pipe just about fit inside. 
Bought the 2 foot scheduled 40  pipe for 8 dollars and a 25 dollar 5/8 drill  drill to ream pipe .

cut out bad section  used oxy/acetylene cutting torch to copy the bend and bent a twelve inch section to to slip over the pipe . And cleaned with wire bore brush , brazed it to seal it . Bought  new 11/16 x7/8x3/32 o-rings  used 9 oring . In between blocks to replace old flat ones . 

took two of us to line up the four  bolts and assembled blocks very carefully not to drop out greased o rings ( I used lubriplate 105 sticky grease  to hold in block counter bores )put all back together works good. 
I hope this helps you if your in fa fix , low budgeting repair solution. 
Glad it happen early ,i guess the lord wanted it done right ,hate to see that transporter up in the air and that thing drop . 
that’s  the story 
Photos are reversed in order , not comfortable with inserts to describe what’s happening in each photo , plus not clear. I 

hope this helps you























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