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2388 Cleaning Fan


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5 minutes ago, highcotton said:

FIL choked up combine cutting oats. Oats ran over auger bed and fan is full of em. Any suggestions on cleaning them out or is it a major worry?  

Yes it will break your fan fins. There is two holes, small ones though on bottom and a flap that can be opened on top to  try and clean it. A shop vac might be most help of all.

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17 minutes ago, highcotton said:

That’s what I was thinking- fins are mighty close together for cleaning. Thanks. 

The oats will run out of fins once you get bottom clear. Guys on the older combines used to break fan shafts running grain into fan. Also being it overfilled fan. Make sure waffle plate and straw fingers are in place on front of  sieve hangers right under auger discharge. This breaks of and causes problems like you have.

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