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8820 windrower


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looking at a 8820 self propelled windrower. has a 14 foot auger head and crimper. engine is a slant 6 mopar. just wondering if it would work good in heavy tall grass and alfalfa. and what ballpark value would be decent paint and rubber. sickle drive jack shaft needs replaced it broke where the brg was spinning on shaft and front push bar is bent.

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I think that is comparable to my Hesston 6650 (1982 model, 16' auger header). So please correct me if I am off base here. 

Alfalfa should be a breeze. 

Tall heavy grass just make sure you have good guards and sickles and don't force the machine, it will tell you how fast you can go. If everything on your cutterhead is adjusted right, it should cut well. 

I had the Chrysler slant six in a previous swather, great little motor.

I gave $3000 for mine about 5 years ago.  



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Should be a hesston 8100/8200, it will be the baby of their line up. They are good dependable machines and do a good job if like Jeff said it has good guards and sections on it. Slant 6 is a tough motor, maybe a touch hard on gas but will have plenty of power. Should be a single speed and shaft driven head. Good luck, not the fastest mower ever but nice having everything in front of you. 

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37 minutes ago, td9inidaho said:

As all have said no race horses, but I do enjoy my heston 6665. Although, like many, I have been able to plug it numerous times in heavy tall grass


6650 with 6665 header?

That is what I have.

Good old machine.

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