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806 RD pump help needed


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I recently bought a farmall 806 FWA   Poor starting and low on power. Would only start with ether hot or cold and zero fuel pressure on the gauge.   Cleaned tank. Replaced fuel lines. Both filters were half full of sludge. Adjusted valve lash as nearly all of them were at .001-.002!!  Dropped oil pan and cleaned out sludge. Cleaned oil pickup. New oil and filters. 
bled the fuel system and after a fair bit of cranking it fired up. Runs very well and now starts much better. But here’s the problem. Still zero fuel pressure. The bleed valve on the bottom of the transfer pump is missing and someone has replaced it with a plain hex plug. The pressure regulator plunger and spring above it are in place and not seized. Pump gears are turning ok. 
my suspicion is that the stem on the bleed valve at the bottom should hold the plunger above in a certain position to cover an orifice. The hex plug is not doing its job. Has anybody got any ideas on how I could position the plunger to get fuel pressure?  Ed Leaman is looking for parts for me but I need an interim fix until I get them. 

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I have a couple RD sitting here for parts pumps if you need the transfer pump . I have one on my 1206 prototype and I think it runs around 90 psi at full throttle. If you want I can look in my service manual today if you need some specs . Just send me a pm if you need some help .


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