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1969 , 724 International , D239 with a Bosch A4 fuel pump. !! Fuel timing help needed !!

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Hello , I need help setting the timing for the fuel pump . History : when I bought it it was only running on 3 cylinders and not cooling properly . I over heated the head and warped it . So I got the heads planed new valves and seats new head gasket and injector "o" rings. Put it back together and it ran but #4 still not firing properly , noticed while bleeding the fuel lines that #4 was getting squirty foamy fuel. So I took off the fuel pump sent it in to get tested , took over a month to bench test it and they charged me $250.00 on top of that it took over a half hour for them to "get" my pump when I came to pick it up and they mixed up the fittings which led me to hook it up wrong first time around. Finally got it hooked up properly and bled the lines now it's only firing on 1 and 2 . # 3 and #4 are getting foamy squirting gas now it's worse . So I thought maybe the fuel timing , so I set to TDC on compression stroke and set the timing the way it's recommended and now it will barely run and all cylinders are getting squirting foamy gas . So I went too far in the timing I think . I went by the first mark on the pulley as TDC.

So when setting the fuel timing do you use one of the other timing marks on the pulley ? all I have are lines no numbers no way to tell if they are 14deg past TDC etc. So how do I find the right marks to the align the fuel pump properly ? It has to be taken apart each time so it's not like I can adjust it in real time. Pretty sure I'm adjusting it properly just think maybe I'm not using the right reference points. First pic is the timing marks , the second is where the timing was when I took the pump out and put it back in in exactly the same spot . I think it was never set right to start with.



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