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Farmall C 6V

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This topic has me intrigued as I am about to convert my 1953 Super C from a point-condenser ignition system to an electronic system. The electronic ignition product description specifies a "6 volt positive ground" system. Yet, the Super C in my back yard has a negative to  ground arrangement! (I just went out and checked again to be certain. The negative battery post is hard bolted to the battery case without a doubt.) However, when I pulled out the ignition switch, the amp meter tilted in the "charge",(C), direction. Starting the tractor reduced the amount of charge but still registered in the charge direction.

When I bought the tractor, I had the dealer replace the battery as he had to jump start the machine in order to demonstrate the unit. I did not see the old battery installation before the battery was replaced.

The machine runs fine though I do admit that I've not worked it much at all since buying. So there is very little run time, probably less then an hour. (Just finish cleaning the carburetor and resetting the points.) The machine starts readily, likely in less than one or two revolutions, and runs smoothly without any missing or loping.

Is there a for sure Farmall electrical or other electrical expert that can shed some light on this matter? As almost everywhere I've read it seems as if this vintage machine is type cast as a positive-to-ground creature.


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Okay. After reading several different commentaries about Super C electrical ground the  battery is to be positive ground. I will take action to install the battery.correctly and to properly polarize the generator thusly;

The ignition switch is off and the generator belt is removed.


Step 1. Remove battery and reinstall to achieve positive ground.

Step 2. Using an appropriate jumper wire, connect one end to the "A" post of the generator. Then briefly, and very briefly, touch the other end of the jumper wire to the negative(?) post of the battery.

Step 3. Reinstall the generator belt.

Step 4. Turn on the ignition switch. The amp meter should deflect to the (D or -) discharge direction.

Step 5. Start the engine. The amp meter should deflect to the (C or +) charge direction.

Comments, corrections or other observations are welcome and anticipated!!!!

Thanks to all for your input!

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That should do it. If it shows that it's discharging after you polarize the generator, then double check with a volt meter that it is infact charging. If it's charging, but still showing that it is "discharging" then someone has more than likely switched the wires on the back of the ammeter. All you have to do is flip flop them. 

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