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Long story short, the other year my ex wife called and asked if I wanted the old Cub Cadet I had to buy her when we got divorced. Since I bought it, I told her I would come and get it. I figured if nothing else I would put the engine for a re-power in one of my older IH  Cub Cadets. I figured it would be trashed. Turns out it was in really shape with only 300 hours, heck the seat isn't even torn! She was having PTO issues with it throwing and eating belts. I used last summer at the garage to give it a couple run down mowing before I went over it. By the end of the summer it are the main mule drive belt. Pulled in the shop this spring and am getting parts together to go over it. I think I have the belt issue figured out, but might be back on here for more advice.

The steering has a lot of slop in it, most of it is in the wheel and the main rack, the roads and ends are tight. I don't know where to start with this issue, it is a totally different set up from the older cubs. Has anyone run into this issue?

The other issue is in the drive pedals, it doesn't return to neutral very quickly and gets very hairy in close quarters, hitting reverse with the pto on knocks it out, which leads back to the belt issue. I got new springs for the pedal linkages, I want to figure a way to keep those shafts lubricated. Haven't torn ing them yet to see what I can do.

This is a pretty nice tractor with a lot of life left, it just needs love. I love the foot pedal hydro, wish IH would have come out with this year's earlier.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

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If it is like the 2185 and 2186 we have there are pich bolts underneath that run front to back thru a metal saddle and front axle. Tighten the pinch bolts and stover nuts to control slop in front axle will make a difference. If it's different I can't help you. You will notice a lot of moment in front axle if you turn the wheel back and forth if this is it.

 Also on ours it has a gas shock underneath that doesn't return pedal to center very fast. Knowing this you slow down sooner in any tight spots. Brake pedal will center foot pedal also and stop you quick if need be.  On moms the gas shock seems to be worn out and returns faster imo so I'm not sure the purpose. It used to act just like ours. Myself I would consider doing away with the reverse switch so deck will run unless shut off. But we have no small children and no outside pets.

   There are times I like the foot pedal hydro better, then there times I prefer the lever hydro.

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