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help with radiator caps?

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That looks nasty, but it’s certainly not unexpected on a project like this. Clean it out the best you can and carry on. Plan on flushing it out at least a couple of times after reassembly. Hope it runs good for you. 

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yea it was 3/4-10 with alot of tape and even poured a couple cups of antifreeze in it over a couple daz, and no leaks so it SHOULD be ok since there isnt alot

of pressure right :) yes it is a tapered thread but bolt is tight? anyway we`ll see lol can alwaz go bigger napa only had an 11/16 so i had this at home,anyway i`ll let u know should have it back together and fired up next week. thnx

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well i ran it today the plug is sealed good no leaks and the new radiator and shroud working good BUTTTTTTTTT :((  i did find a hairline crack in the tank the radiator

bolts to and wanted to ask u guys the best way to seal it? since there is no real pressure in there could i jb weld it or regular weld or what what do u guys suggest? pix are

below of the leak and it is a hairline leak cant even see till it warms up... thnx ahead of time





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thnx thats what we figured but wanted other opinions, came from up north,so i`ll clean today and jb and let u know thnx ....................if this worx then i`ll park in

shed and start all the same projects on the 53 lol thnx guys really appreciate the help. bb

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