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Zekes first tractor

Rusty shackleford

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The tractor pulled horrible last year but this year we not messing around, changing hitch hight, bigger tires , probably ly going to take off the hydraulic stuff and put the weight more towards the back. We on gravel mostly so don't have to worry to much about front coming up it's just traction. These were taken last summer, Screenshot_20210731-211206_Gmail.thumb.jpg.729121d53b80b6f7f8b8219873cc2073.jpgScreenshot_20210801-152411_Snapchat.thumb.jpg.4eb6d42f18449b46042589066d655cea.jpg

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Screenshot_20220907-191613_Gallery.thumb.jpg.13e744c34f2341b0899b22fa5b7f7311.jpgScreenshot_20220730-112540_Gallery.thumb.jpg.f371a452b63bbd493e923505d77e006d.jpg20220904_173153.thumb.jpg.2d6e69929af4ad9607dd4369498d1378.jpgWell update on this year's pulling with Zekes super c, first pull I did, on gravel it got 2nd with 181 feet, and the last pull I did I got the farthest pull of the whole day at 261, full pull they told me to stop cause it just kept on going, was 60 feet ahead of 2nd place. The first pull the front was light and I had to stop cause of it, I put fluid in the front tires and front weights and took some weight off the back and the thing is the best balanced puller I ever pulled.

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I'd love to have a set of those hubs . Look IH made 

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