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is there an alternative fluid?


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hey guys 1948 fcub here c60 motor, just got it started yesterday 6-volt by the way,and in the process of changing or topping off all fluids........

when i ran into the  "touch control fluid" its nasty....keep in mind been sittig for at least 10 yrs thou..........so im going to drai and refill but itsaz

to use IH touch control fluid......my question is r there alternatives or not? and if so what? appreciate any and all advice thnx bb

1948 cub.jpg

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Won't make much difference in your tractor. I can no longer stomach the cost of HyTran personally, and have since switched to Shell Rotella HD fluid. But even the "cheap" stuff would work for your Cub.

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CaseIH Hytran Premium would be the current "correct" fluid to use, but this is a simple, self-contained, old-technology hydraulic system. There are no exotic wet clutches or IVT/CVT units, or even a hydrostatic transmission involved.

Literally anything wet and slippery would work here. As long as the bucket is not labeled "play sand" you would be fine. However, Hytran compatible fluid is widely available and inexpensive. Walmart even carries it. Often called "Universal Tractor Fluid" or something along those lines, because it's so easy and cheap to find you may as well use it. It's far and away better quality than what was available in 1947.

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wow, appreciate all the responses read this went to rural king and the guy there said the same thing and suggested k trans/hydrualic fluid and on back said it was ompatible with cubs that used hy/dran so i got a gallon lol $13.53 :) im happy thnx guys as i said got the 48 running yesterday will top or change fluids this week then test out this pto fingers crossed

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